privacy Policy

BEL VITA Inc. (henceforth "our company") recognizes the importance of the personal information entrusted to us by our customers, and handle it safely and have created and implemented a personal-information protection policy to handle that information safely and appropriately. When our guests use our website, they are considered as having consented to our personal-information protection policy.

1. Our purposes in using our customers' personal information

Our company uses our customers' personal information for the following purposes, to the extent necessary to accomplish these goals. In the unlikely event that it becomes necessary to change these purposes, we will inform our customers or post public notice to that effect.

  • To respond to inquiries from our customers regarding the services offered by this site.
  • To ship merchandise ordered by our customers.
  • To notify our customers of information on services offered by this site or of event and promotional information.
  • To ship merchandise won in promotions to our customers.
  • When the need arises to contact a customer for any reason.
  • To produce statistical data regarding use of the services offered by this site.
  • For plans and ideas for additional services to be offered in the future by this site.
  • For the company to fulfill its duties and exercise its rights.

2. Provision of personal information to third parties

Our company will for the following purposes entrust our customers' personal information to our business partners, contractees, subcontractees.

  • To ship merchandise ordered by our customers
  • To conduct research to improve our merchandise and services

In regards to the sharing of information with our business partners and business contractees and subcontractees, we have a non-disclosure agreement prohibiting them from using personal information for purposes other than those listed, oblige them to exercise strict control over personal information, and administer appropriate supervision. In the unlikely event that an issue arises between our customers and our business partners or subcontractees, please understand that our company will be unable to respond.

Except in the above circumstances, we will not provide or disclose our customers' registered personal information to any third parties besides our business partners, contractees, and subcontractees without our customers' consent. However, in the following circumstances, we may disclose personal information without prior notice to our customers.

  • When disclosure is mandated by law
  • When disclosure is requested by public institutions such as the courts or police
  • As necessary when our company has deemed it necessary to protect our company's rights, profits, or good name
  • As necessary to protect the lives, bodily integrity, or property of others, in the event that obtaining the person's consent would be difficult
  • As expressly necessary to improve public health or promote the sound raising of children, in the event that obtaining the person's consent would be difficult

3. Outsourcing personal information

The company may provide the personal data in its possession to delivery contractors, advertising firms, and system corporations to the extent necessary to contact customers to introduce our services, send direct mailings, provide information through fax, or maintain our system architecture. When outsourcing this data, we shall form the necessary contracts and conduct appropriate management and supervision.

4. Requests for revisions and corrections of personal information

For requests or corrections regarding personal information, in the event that there is a request for release, revision (additions or erasures), or suspension of use (deletion) of registered information from the party themselves or a deputy, appropriate responses will be given under the Personal Information Protection Law.
Inquiries regarding release or revision of personal information

5. Revision of our personal information protection policy

In the event that our company deems it necessary to revise our personal information protection policy, we will revise the policy without notice to our customers. In the event that this site is used after revision of the personal information protection policy, use of the site shall be considered to constitute agreement to the revisions.

August 20, 2013